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Q: What did coach Boone learn from the team?
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Who playe Coach Boone in Remember the Titans?

Coach Herman Boone is played by Denzel Washington.

Why does someone throw a rock at coach Boone's window in remember the titans?

because the titans used to be the Houston oilers and they were the first home team for Houston. coach Boone was the one that sent the oilers to Nashville and then they became the Tennessee titans.

Who player coach boune in remember the titans?

Coach Herman Boone is played by Denzel Washington.

What condition does coach Boone lay down straight away?

chichi caca

Did the titans in 'remember the titans' go undefeated?

Yea, if they lost a game then Coach Boone would've gotten fired. not in the movie but at the its said that they were the 2nd best team in the country

What is the climax of the movie clash of the titans?

Remember the Titansexposition would definitely be stated at the part when Densel Washington character Coach Boone is appointed as the head coach of the football team in the first integrated school. Coach Boone is African American who is the head coach in Virginia's most precious sport, football. Many characters including the former head coach, coach Yoast, are very angry that a 'black man' takes the team, which is a promising team that is destined to reach the playoffs, away to make his own team. This introduces the main problem that every character has to face, racism. Through the whole story we find each character face the problem that the exposition introduces to us.

Did coach Boone do offense or defence in the movie remember the titans?


Is the coach part of a team?

Of course the coach is part of the team

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