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The played Lacrosse, some soccer and some hockey.

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Q: What did children of the blackfoot play?
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What instruments did blackfoot Indians play?

Some of the musical instruments that the Blackfoot Indians used were:Voice (singing)Native American fluteWater drumAnasazi fluteApache fiddle

What sport does Blackfoot tribe play?

they played volleyball with a rock and used to throw spears.

Where is the Blackfoot Public in Blackfoot located?

The address of the Blackfoot Public is: 129 N Broadway, Blackfoot, 83221 0610

What do the Blackfoot kids where?

what do Blackfoot kids where for clothing

What is the blackfoot's crop?

Blackfoot's crop is corn.

What is the phone number of the Blackfoot Public in Blackfoot?

The phone number of the Blackfoot Public is: 208-785-8628.

What do blackfoot eat?

Blackfoot? Like the fungus??

What did the Blackfoot people speak?

The Blackfoot people spoke the Blackfoot language, which is part of the Algonquian language family. It is mainly spoken by the Blackfoot tribes in Montana and Alberta, Canada.

Who made the original song taxi Zz Hill or J Blackfoot?

Blackfoot formerly of the Stax group The Soul Children. Soundtown label catalog # ST-0004 released in 1983. B/W (flip side of 45) is Where is Love.

How do you say strength in the Blackfoot language?

The Blackfoot word is minikxiw

When was Blackfoot Crossing created?

Blackfoot Crossing was created in 2007.

When was Blackfoot Sue created?

Blackfoot Sue was created in 1970.