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Wayne didn't go to college. He turned pro when he was 17,

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Q: What did Wayne Gretzky study while in college?
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How did Wayne gretzky die?

Wayne Gretzky isn't dead. Not yet anyhow and hopefully not for a while

Did Wayne Gretzky have to wear a helmet?

For a while he didn't have to, but then the NHL required the use of a helmet.

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How many times did Wayne Gretzky win the Art Ross Trophy?

Wayne Gretzky won a total of 10 Art Ross Trophies. He won seven consecutive scoring titles from 1980-81 to 1986-87 with the Edmonton Oilers, then three Trophies while playing for the Los Angeles Kings: 1989-90, 1990-91, and 1993-94.

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Who is 'Wayne' in hockey?

When people refer to "Wayne" in connection with hockey, they are invariably talking about "Wayne Gretzky" aka "The Great One". Gretzky holds just about every scoring record in the NHL which he earned playing for the Edmonton Oilers (there is a statue of him in front of the arena in Edmonton), LA Kings and NY Rangers. He now owns the Phoenix Coyotes and also managed Team Canada to a gold medal (the first in 50 years) in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He also has a small stint with the St Louis Blues. His scoring records will likely never be touched. While players today struggle to get 50 goals and 100 points in a season. The "great-one" would have that many in a half a season. Wayne Gretzky! How could you not know that !?

Why Wayne Gretzky became famous?

because he broke many records and is an outstanding hockey player. he ate 8 hotdogs while playing in a minor league hockey game, but he never panned out as a player

What number other than 99 did Wayne Gretzky wear?

while on the l.a kings he wore his 99 number, before that he wore his 99 while playing for the Edmonton oilers in Canada. his first number was 11, when he was 10. after that his professional number has been 99.

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Did Wayne Gretzky tuck one side of his jersey into his pants?

Yes, Gretzky was very skinny, but had long arms. For that reason, as a kid he would go one size up in jerseys, to fit in the arms, and then tuck the jersey in on his left hand side, to keep it out of the way while he stickhandled. The habit carried over to professional hockey, where he did it in all but one WHA all star game. In that game, Gretzky was pulled aside by his idol, Gordie Howe, and Gordie made an impromptu hem on the side of the jersey for Gretzky so it was out of his way.

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Who from Toronto hit gretzky in a game in Toronto while still with edmomton?


Who is the most popular hockey player in the world?

While this is very subjective, I would have to say Sidney Crosby and/or Alex Ovechkin. And although he has been retired for a number of years, Wayne Gretzky continues to be one of the most recognizable players in the sport.

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Wayne attended the University of Southern California on a football scholarship beginning in 1925. He later lost the scholarship due to an accident (while surfing, if you can believe it) that ended his football career. Without a funding source, Wayne had to drop out.

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Why did Gretzky wear 99?

Gretzky first wore 99 while playing for the Soo Greyhounds in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario When Muzz MacPherson became coach of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of Canada's Ontario Hockey Assn., there wasn't even a ripple outside of Ontario. Yet with one simple suggestion, MacPherson carved his niche in hockey history. Only 16 when he joined the Greyhounds for the 1977-78 season, Gretzky wanted to wear the number of his hero, Gordie Howe, but No. 9 was taken. He tried Nos. 19 and 14 but wasn't happy. MacPherson, as described in the book "Gretzky" by Walter Gretzky and Jim Taylor, had a suggestion for the teenager: "If you can't have one 9, how about two? Wear 99." Marked man: "Guys see that and they'll be running at me," Gretzky told MacPherson when the coach suggested the unorthodox 99. "Wayne," MacPherson replied, "they are going to be running at you anyway."

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