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Payton was famous for his workouts, which included running up steep hills.

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Nothing go away

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American football player

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Q: What did Walter Payton do to get famous before football season?
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Super Bowl wins for Walter Payton?

Walter Payton was a running back for the Chicago Bears who went by the nickname "The Sweetness". While he was an excellent football player, he was most famous for his pleasant personality off of the field.

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Yes, the beatles are more famous.

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Did Walter Payton earn the rank of eagle scout?

No. The BSA maintains list of famous Eagle Scouts and Payton would certainly be on one.

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The best football player of the 1900s is a question that opens itself to a lot of debate. A good case could be made for any of a number of great players-- Joe Montana, Jim Brown, and Walter Payton just to name a few. If you are talking about international football (soccer) somewhere high on the list would have to be Pele.

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