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FA Cup 1990.

Cup Winners Cup 1991.

Super Cup 1991.

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Q: What did Sir Alex Ferguson win at Manchester united in his first 5 years in charge?
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Who is coach Manchester united team?

Manchester United's coach is the scotsman Sir Alex Ferguson

What team did Ferguson face first as Man Utd's coach in 1986?

Manchester United's first match with Alex Ferguson as coach was a 2 - 0 defeat against Oxford United.

Who scored Manchester United's first goal under Alex Ferguson's management?

john sivebaek

Who did Man Utd play Alex Ferguson's first game in charge?

Oxford United

When did Manchester United turn great?

when sir alex Ferguson arrived though when Sir Matt Busby was in charge in the 60's, United won lots of trophies e.g European cup(first English club to do so) league fa cup and many others

Were was Manchester United first stadium?

In Manchester

How many times have Manchester United won the champions league?

Manchester United have won the Champions League (or the equivalent by another name) three times.They first won it in 1968 then again in 1999 and 2008.(twice under Sir Alex Ferguson)

Which was there first Manchester united or Chelsea?

Manchester United was there first, it is 27 years older than Chelsea football club.

Are Manchester united first?


What year did Manchester United win their first FA Cup?

Well ... Manchester United first won the F.A cup in the year 1890!

When did Manchester united first begin?

They began as Newton Heath in 1878, then changed their named to Manchester United in 1902

Who was David Beckhams childhood hero?

David Beckham played football at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson was David's manager. Sir Alex Ferguson taught David many things and put him in his first real game. Sir Alex Ferguson was a role model of David's because of this.