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Q: What did Rooney say after scoring against west ham?
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Was Wayne Rooney's lob against West Ham better than David Beckham's?

I think Beckham's lob was better than Rooney's lob bearing in mind that he scored from his own half.

Which of these Manchester united players have never previously played for west ham Michael carrick Wayne Rooney and rio Ferdinand?

It was Wayne Rooney he played with Everton before he played with Manchester United

What premier league striker has scored 38 goals in the premiership without ever scoring a brace in a game?

Carlton Cole of West Ham.

Which British player has played for 3 different European cup winning teams but never won a medal?

Emile heskey Scoring hatricks in both and playing for west ham in 1983 and wolves in 1934

How many goals has Andy Carroll scored for west ham against Liverpool?


Athletes whose first name starts with a W?

Wilt ChamberlainWalt Frazier

Who scored first goal for man utd after george best died?

George Best died on November 25th 2005, and Wayne Rooney scored against West Ham United on November 27th, two days later (O'Shea also scored in that game).

What was your highest score on fifa 09?

I Scored 31 Against West Ham, West Brom, Hull, Lverpool And Chelsea!

Paul Scholes has only scored one goal in the Premier league this season Against which team?

It was against West Ham.

Who won the last time Chelsea and West Ham played against each other?

When referring to the Premier League in England where Chelsea played against West Ham it was March 17, 2013. The winner of the game was Chelsea at a score of 2 to nothing.

How many goals had robin van persie scored against west ham united?


Who is the best west ham or liverpool?

west ham of course