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Lisa Clemente

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Q: What did Roberto Clemente mom's work for when he was young?
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What baseball player died in a plane crash and had 3000 career hits?

Roberto Clemente, a Puerto Rican baseball player, died in a plane crash on December 31, 1972. He achieved 3,000 career hits during his time in Major League Baseball. As a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemente was known for his exceptional talent and humanitarian work.

What position did Roberto clemente play?

Roberto clemente played of corese baseball and played in the Olympics he had practiced all day long until he wanted to become in a legue. Roberto clemente wasnt fond of football but aucully played a little basket ball.Roberto played basket ball when he had nothing to do in his free time. he unushually did have free time was all his hard work. Roberto clams he wanted to try basketball but got screwed in a bet playing so it occered that he was really suppost to play baseball and that's what he did other wise he had a really good time playing sports as a child he is and was such an amazing an wonderful person still now!

Is Roberto Clemente part of civil rights?

Clemente was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement, especially MLK's work. However, he had to focus on baseball and was not able to participate in many civil rights events. Remember that after his career, he helped in Nicaragua a lot and also died a very untimely and early death.

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