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15 million

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Q: What did Peyton Manning make his rookie season?
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How much does Peyton Manning make per season?

42 mil for 2004I assume you mean Peyton Manning? If so, the Denver Broncos signed a five-year contract with him earlier this year for the price of $96 million dollars.

Is Chris Manning related to Peyton Manning?

The answer to this question is no, I wish it were yes because that would make me related to Peyton because Chris was my brother

Who has more wins against each other Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

In regular season and post season play, Peyton Manning and Tom brady have squared off 10 times. Peyton Manning and the Indianapolic Colts have Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in 3 of those games. Manning vs Brady year by year breakdown: 2001: 0-2 regular season; No post season games. 2002: No games played. 2003: 0-1 regular season; 0-1 post season. 2004: 0-1 regular season; 0-1 post season. 2005: 1-0 regular season; No post season games. 2006: 1-0 regular season; 1-0 post season. 2007: 0-1 regular season; No post season games. Well basically to make the answer a whole lot easier, Tom Brady and Payten Manning has faced 13 times, Brady has won 8 games, while Payten has only won 5. This answer is correct up to date.

How much money does Peyton Manning make a year in endorsements?

2 million per game Peyton Manning makes about $15 million annually in endorsements.

How much money will Peyton Manning make in 5 years?


How much money does Peyton Manning make per yard passed?


How much does Peyton Manning make?

As of Sep 19th 2014:Peyton Manning signed a 5 year / $96 million contract with the Denver Broncos, including $58,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $19,200,000.

Is Peyton Manning related to chris manning?

Yes. Her father Bill Manning was a musician and hotel manager and he was Archie Manning's cousin. Bill was a drinker and committed suicide. Ironically, Archie's father (Peyton's grandfather) also committed suicide. A tragic coincidence.

What does Peyton Manning make every game?

Manning signed a 7 year contract worth 99.2 million dollars in 2004. That would make his 'average' yearly salary over 14 million dollars and his average regular season game salary almost 900 thousand dollars.

How much does Peyton Manning make on endorsements?

Peyton Manning signed a five-year, $96 million agreement with the broncos. In 2012 (providing that he doesn't get injured) Peyton will make $18 million. As long as he can pass a physical in March 2013, he will make $20 million dollars, and each consecutive year another $20 million until his contract expires.

How many career wins does Peyton Manning have for the colts?

Peyton mannings record his first four years as a starter - 42 and 22 and I'll check again but he didn't make it to the champiopship game oh, yeah, he only had 2 winning seasons

What is a manning table?

A table that one of the Manning brothers would make sacrifices on during the winter season.