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Who did Muhammad Ali fight when he got out prison

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Q: What did Muhammad ali do after he got out of jail for refusing to go to war?
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Muhammad ali punished for refusing to join Vietnam war in 1967?

Yes, he got 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. He also lost hislicenseto fight, and got his boxing title taken away from him.Hope this helps!

Where was Muhammad ali when martin Luther got shot?

In the movie Muhammad Ali was talking to his lawyer. Everything else in the movie was true.

How did Muhammad ali jinnah die?

jit got shot

How did Muhammad Ali get his name?

Muhammad Ali got his name because he became a Muslim and changed it because Clay was a slave name. i recommend a game called mincwaft

When Muhammad ali and veronica porche got divorced?

She wanted his money.

Did Muhammad Ali have any children?

Yes Ali has children, a few of them as he got married a few times. laila ali the lady boxer is his daughter.

What did Muhammad Ali do?

Muhammad Ali's dad painted billboards and can see the article i got this answer from at

Who did Muhammad Ali lose to in his pro boxing career?

he got all of the win

Muhammad ali got a gold medal in what year?

Eat cho biscuit

When did Muhammad Ali get parkinsons disease?

He got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984.

What did Muhammad ali do after he was done with his career?

He got involved in the Muslim movement all the more.

How many wins and looses did Muhammad ali get?

Muhammad got 56 wins and only 5 losses adding it up to 61 fights of his career

When did Muhammad Ali pass away?

he's still alive... hes got Parkinsons desease

What were Muhammad Ali's places of employment?

Ali worked as a janitor at a local College to help out his family, the the poor, desperate times. When Ali started boxing the money he got he gave to his family. He was a "Giver"

Why did muhammed ali box?

Muhammad Ali got his start in boxing when he was a 12 year old boy. He got into boxing because his bike was stolen and when he reported it to a police officer, the officer encouraged him to learn to box.

Where did Muhammad Ali get his trash talk from?


What did Muhammad Ali Dad Do?

Muhammad Ali's dad painted billboards and can see the article i got this answer from at

What is Muhammad Ali know for?

He's known for being an amazing boxer who was smart and funny and boasted. He got Parkinson's disease.

Why did Muhammad ali quit boxing?

he quit boxing because he got hurt. he is now in a wheelchair and hes partially paralyzed

How could Muhammad Ali religon help his boxing creer?

Muhammad Ali's religion helped his boxing career in many ways. First, it allowed him to avoid the draft, after much debate, and continue fighting. Second, it got him popularity. Finally, it helped him to stay focused and something to believe in.

What was life like when Muhammad Ali was young?

It was not that good. His didn't have much money. His bike got stolen and a police officer saw his anger and got him into boxing and also PAID.

What got Muhammad Ali in to boxing?

his bike was stolen when he was 10, and he went into a local gym, where a police officer was training kids, and the rest is history.

Why did Muhammad ali throw his medal in the river?

he did it when i farted in his face and he fell down the lake he dropped it in their.he got tebaged 7 times then ran away then got raped by a hobo and got farted in the face again

Did Muhammad Ali face major or life changing experiences did he face growing up?

pretty sure his mom got shot or somethin' and then he was abandonned

What was Muhammad Ali's childhood about?

Mohammad Ali went to the same school as the person that is righting this. He went to wiley park public school and got the citezenship for year 6. after leaving he went to canada. he then came back as a powerful boxer