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Q: What did Lashley's term engram referred to?
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What is the birth name of Bobby Engram?

Bobby Engram's birth name is Simon J. Engram III.

When was Engram - album - created?

Engram - album - was created in 2009.

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Bobby Engram is 5' 10".

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The cast of Engram - 1987 includes: Toshio Matsumoto as himself

When was Bobby Engram born?

Bobby Engram was born on January 7, 1973, in Camden, South Carolina, USA.

What is engram means in dienetics?

An altered state of living tissue that is believed to underlie memory. An engram may occur as a permanent trace left by a stimulus in nervous tissue. An example of an engram is a specific, learned, and memorized motor pattern stored in both the sensory and motor portions of the brain, that can be replayed on request. A term used in Scientology and Dianetics for a "recording" of a past painful event not normally accessible to the conscious mind

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