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I know that at the age of 22 years Kurt Warner was a bagboy at a supermarket.

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Q: What did Kurt Warner do before pro football?
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Is Kurt Warner in the hall of fame?

Kurt Warner is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet (unless at the current moment he is visiting - then he would in fact be INside the Hall of Fame). Kurt is eligible to be inducted into the HOF in 2015. Outlook is good.

Did any pro football players wear number 13?

Hundreds have - perhaps the most famous #13s are Kurt Warner and Dan Marino.

Did a Kurt Warner ever Play for Penn State?

Yes he did,, lets not forget there are 2 football players retired now with the same name and my big brother Kurt Warner did attend Penn State and played pro ball the other Kurt graduated from I do belive Iowa State

Was pro football created before college football?


What is the good things Kurt Warner did?

4 time pro bowl selection 2 time nfl mvp 2 time first team all-pro super bowl mvp (XXXIV) super bowl champion (XXXIV)

How old was Kurt Warner as quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals?

No. Kurt Warner has played for the St. Louis Rams, New York Giants, and Arizona Cardinals during his NFL career. He was in the Green Bay Packers training camp in 1994 but released before the season began.

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A pro football because the quarterback is used to throwing the pro football and not a Nerf football.

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A pro football player.

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The duration of Pro Football Now is 1800.0 seconds.

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Kurt Angle

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