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They made a big mistaake dropping him

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Q: What did Kellogg's do with the cereal boxes with Michael Phelps?
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Who makes cereal boxes?

Often the cereal companies themselves buy the machines and manufacture the boxes and then fill them with cereal. Box companies also manufacture cereal boxes that they sell which you can customize and fill yourself.

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yes but what cereal??????

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i think the answer is 600

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You need about 1333.33 boxes of 750g cereal to make 1t

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The percentage of waste made into cereal boxes is quiet LARGE. the percentage is 99.99%.

What cereal used olympic gold medalists on its cereal boxes?


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1. 52 * 2.5 = 130 ounces of cereal in 5 boxes2. 52/2 = 26 ounces of cereal in 1 box26 * 5 = 130 ounces of cereal in 5 boxes

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They are made of cardboard.

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