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Jesse Owens won gold medals in the Olympics and in Berlin. MORE: Hitler refused to give him his medals.

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Q: What did Jesse Owens did that change history?
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What did Jesse Owens want to see change?

jesse owens wanted to see the racism change

Is Jesse Owens single?

No, Jesse Owens is not single.

How did Jesse Owens make change?

type your answer here


by inspiring others

Who inspired Jesse Owens?

Jesse Owens.

Who coached Jesse Owens?

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How Jesse Owens change the world?

By making many records!!

Did Jesse Owens have a disability?

Well, this was early on but at age five his mother performed a surgery on him because they couldn't afford a doctor. To learn more, search "Did Jesse Owens have a disability?" and go to the third one down. It should be at "10 Things You May Not Know About Jesse Owens - HISTORY"

Is there movies of Jesse Owens?

No there is no movie of Jesse Owens

Who inspired Jesse Owens to run?

Jesse Owens

What was Jesse Owens specificly known for?

jesse owens

How many siblings did Jesse Owens have?

Jesse Owens had 6 siblings.

Who from history was a sports figure?

Babe Ruth, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robison

What famous people from history have the last name O?

· Jesse Owens (athlete)

Where was Jesse Owens Ohio hometown?

Jesse Owens lived in Ohio Cleveland (Jesse Owens middle name was Cleveland)!

What was Jesse Owens wifes name?

Minnie Owens was Jesse Owens wife's name!

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What is Jesse Owens's mom's name?

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When was Jesse Owens born?

Jesse Owens was born on September 12, 1913

When did Jesse Owens compete?

Jesse owens competed in 1936

What did Jesse Owens do for his country?

jesse owens won the olpics

How did Jesse Owens die in 1980?

how did Jesse Owens die

What were Jesse Owens parents names?

Jesse Owens parents were Henry and Mary Emma Owens.

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