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Naismith used a basket... There was no hole for the ball to go through, so they had to use a ladder to get the ball in the basket.

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Q: What did James Naismith use for his first basketball hoop?
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When was the first basketball hoop?

It was created in the late 1890's to the early 1900's by Dr. James Naismith.

What was originally used as a basketball hoop?

When James Naismith invented the game, the hoop was a peach basket WITH the bottom still in it.

What are the origins of basketball?

James Naismith invented the game in Springfield, Ma. He used a peach basket as the hoop.

How did James Naismith invent basketball?

a hoop and a ball shoot that ball when he seen it he want to be a inventor in springfeild ,massachetts in usa on the year of 1891

Who built the first basketball hoop?

Basketball was created by Dr. James Naismith, born in Almonte, Ontario (near Ottawa, Canada). Dr. Naismith used an apple basket with the bottom cut out for the first basket. Dr. Naismith invented the game in the United States, at a private school. He wanted to give young boys a game of agility and skill, with little cost involved.

What was used for the first hoop in basketball?

The first basketball hoop was a peach basket.

What was used as the first basketball and hoop?

The first hoop was made out of a peach basket, and they used a soccor ball for the first basketball.

Who made the first basketball hoop?

plaese tell me who made the first hoop?

How the basketball invented?

Basketball is known to have been invented by Dr. Naismith. The original game was played with a smaller ball on peach baskets instead of the modern-day hoop.

What was the first basketball hoop?

a peach basket

What was first basketball hoop?

Peach bucket

What are parts of a basketball hoop?

basketball hoop

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