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He loved everything :)

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Q: What did Jackie Robinson love to do other than play sports?
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Why did Jackie Robinson start playing baseball?

because he love sports

What did Jackie Robinson love?

every body

Who inspired Jackie Robinson for what he became famous for?

His brother Matthew Robinson inspired him to follow his love for athletics.

What medals did Jackie Robinson win?

E won crept medals made from love!

What do people say about Jackie Robinson?

well...people didn't really obviously like jackie robinson because threw racism and that people love it when the MBL was still the same, Till he came they hated him.

What has the author Henry Louis Haynes written?

Henry Louis Haynes has written: 'Hey, Jackie Robinson, we love you!' -- subject(s): Baseball, Fiction

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What caused Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan was caused by the love between his parents.

When was Lessons in Love - Angelia Robinson album - created?

Lessons in Love - Angelia Robinson album - was created in 2010.

How are love exhibited in sports?

Love is exhibited in sports because of smashing into each other and then they get some sort of connection. WARNING: I only guessed so I may be wrong... :/

Who are those people who love's to play sports?

I love to play sports

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