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Q: What did J.E. Clair name the Acme Packing Company team?
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JE Clair owner of the acme packing company bought a pro football franchise what did he name the the team?

green bay

NFL team names and their meanings?

The Green Bay Packers are named for the Acme packing company that sponsored them way back in the 1930s. The name has stuck ever since

When did San Francisco's Acme Brewing Company close?

According to an Acme Brewing Company history I found on - both the SF & LA Acme plants had their name changed when they were sold in 1954. The plants continued in operation but not as Acme breweries.

What type of products does Acme markets procide?

Acme is a generic name that can be used by any businesses. Thus, any product can be sold by a company named 'acme' as it is a generic name not copyrighted.

What was the Green Bay Packers named after?

The correct answer is The Indian Packing Company Indians. The team was sponsored by Coach Curly Lambeau's employer : the Indian Packing Company. Although originally called the Indians, by the end of the first year, the local newspapers were already calling them the Packers. The Indian Packing Company Packers then became the Acme Packers when the Acme Packing Company bought out the Indian Packing company. When the Acme Packing Company stopped sponsoring the team, they became the Green Bay Packers. They have been nicknamed the Bays, the Blues, the Big Bay blues, The Pack and the Green and Gold. But none of these nicknames has ever been the offical name of the team.

What ACME stands for like in ACME screw?

ACME - an archetypical manufacturing company. Maybe the name came from the word 'acme' which is the highest attainable achievement. Or perhaps it is an acronym: Anonymous Corporate Manufacturing Entity.

What is the ACME abbreviation stands for?

A Company That Makes EverythingThat's typically the response you'll hear.I've also heard it comes from the Greek word ακμή, which basically means "best" or "prime"... Thus perhaps the company ACME is coined ironically since what it tends to sell do not work, or backfire. ACME, despite being all capitals, is not an acronym. ACME is named for the word acme, which is "the highest point, as of achievement or development." ACME is written in all capitals for name recognition. That is what people see on parcels and crates and it is what is expected. ACME does not stand for "Anvil Company Marketing Everywhere" or "American Company Making Everything" or "A Company Making Everything." ACME does not make everything. At least not yet.

What is the name of a large company in the pickle packing industry?


Which city's team drew its name from the Indian Packing Company?


Why are the Packers called the Packers?

One of the team founders worked for the Indian Packing Company (which was a meat packing facility). The company donated funds for uniforms and equipment, on the condition that the team be named for its sponsor. (see discussion)

What is the birth name of Mike Clair?

Mike Clair's birth name is Micheal Dean Clair.

What is the birth name of Toni Clair?

Toni Clair's birth name is Toni Marie Clair.