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Q: What did Italian Texans eat?
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Where did the Italian Texans settle in Texas?


What do Texans eat?

They eat most foods any other people eat. It is not like Texans are a whole other species...

What is the most common food Texans like to eat with favorable dishes?

The most common food Texans eat with with favorable dishes is bbq and gravy.

What are facts about italian Texans?

They settled in San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, and the Brazos.

How do you spell eat in Italian?

The Italian for eat is mangiare.

What do Texans eat for food now?

tex mex

What did Texans eat at the Alamo?

chicken or beef curry

What did Texans eat for lunch in 1830s?

because they wanted to

What types of meat do Italian people eat?

Italian people eat spicy meat like Italian sausage.

What is 'to eat' when translated from English to Italian?

"To eat" in English is mangiare in Italian.

What type of food did Texans eat in the 1800s?

Very yummy Food

How do you say I like to eat in Italian?

"I like to eat" can be translated into "Mi piace mangiare" in Italian. A very popular statement in Italian!

Did ITALIAN RENASSIACE eat chocolate cake?

Yes, the ITALIAN RENASSIACE did eat the chocolate cake.

What is 'Eat them' when translated from English to Italian?

"Eat them!" as a command (imperative) in English is Mangiali! in Italian.

What is 'Let's eat' when translated from English to Italian?

"Let's eat!" in English means Mangiamo! in Italian.

Are Italian people the same as spanish people?

No, Italian people are not the same as Spanish people. For example, they speak Italian, and eat Italian food. Spanish people don't do that, they speak Spanish, and eat Mexican food.

What aren't Italian's allowed to eat?

they can eat anything

Do Americans eat Italian food?

Italian food is very popular.

What is 'We will eat pizza' when translated from English to Italian?

"We will eat pizza!" in English means Mangeremo la pizza!in Italian.

What do Italian eat in Christmas?

some tell what Italians eat

Do Italian people eat pork?

Being Italian does not constitute a restriction against eating pork. There are Italians who are Jewish and who are Muslim. They do not eat pork.

What is 'Let's go out to eat' when translated from English to Italian?

"Let's go out to eat!" in English is Andiamo a mangiare fuori! in Italian.

What foods do Italians eat?

Italian people eat lots of things like: Italian people eat lots of pasta, meat, fish as well as chicken and bread.

What is 'Eat Eat' when translated from English to Italian?

Mangia! Mangia! is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Eat! Eat!" The present imperative in question represents the form of the second person informal singular that is used with a family member, friend or peer. The pronunciation will be "MAN-dja MAN-dja" in Italian.

What is 'Mangia' when translated from Italian to English?

Mangia! in Italian is "Eat!" in English.