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irene play Netball for South Africa and was a teacher over in south Africa before she came to New Zealand

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Q: What did Irene van dyke do before she came to NZ?
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How old is Irene Van-Dyke?

Irene Van Dyke was born June 21, 1972; She is now 39.

When was Irene Van Dyke born?

Netballer Irene Van Dyke was born June 21, 1972 in South Africa.

Was Irene van Dyke a teacher?

yes irene van dyk is a teacher and she still is

Does Irene van dyke hae a husband?

yes irene does have a husband

How old was Irene van Dyke when she joined the Silver Ferns?

Irene Van Dyk was 86

Where does Irene Van Dyke live?

Wellington i think

Irene van dyke husbands name?


Irene Van Dyke will stay famous?

yes i think irene will stay famous

When did Irene Van Dyke move to new zealand?


When did Irene Van Dyke get married?

10th December 1994

What position does Irene van-dyke?

Irene van Dyk plays goal shoot, but recently she has played goal attack too!

What city was Irene Van Dyke born in in South Africa?