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Q: What did Indy say to shorty on the bridge before he cut the ropes?
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How did Indiana Jones and Short Round meet?

Short Round a.k.a Shorty is a fictional 11 year old taxicab driver in Shanghai Indy caught him trying to pick his pocket.

Who is Short Round?

Short Round is a character in the movie "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." The following paragraph was taken from Short Round a.k.a Shorty is a fictional 11 year old taxicab driver in Shanghai. "Yes the kid can drive". Shorty was born in 1924 and was named Wan Li by his parents. His family were killed when the Japanese bombed Shanghai in 1932. Despite attending a christian school, he still respects Chinese mythology, and believes a baby elephant that transports him in India to the Pankot Palace is really a recarnation of his brother Chu. Short Round first met Indiana Jones when he tried to pick Indy's pocket. However, Indy did not turn him into the police. Instead he took him in and decided to make him his sidekick. Shorty followed Indy on all of his adventures dispite his age. Shorty is usually seen wearing his grey baseball cap. He is always telling Indy "You listen to me. You live longer", and does not usually call Indiana, Indy but "Dr Jones" instead. In the film Short Round is frequently heard speaking Cantonese which is dialect of Chinese, as well as English. Short Round was potrayed by Jonathan Ke Quan in The Temple of Doom.

How fast does a Indy car go before it blows the engine?


Was Luna Vachon ever Women's Champion?

For WWF/E, no, but for some Indy promotions she has before. I think she retired as a women's champion in some Indy division..

How do you get past the fans in Doomtown in Lego Indiana Jones 2?

Not sure if this is accurate, but we searched for clues when my 6 year old son had the same question, and then this is how he passed it. Get both Indy and Mutt on top of Arnies (jump on awning's. Mutt climbs to the top of the rock wall, then builds a ladder. Indy climbs ladder and pulls down the water tube. Mutt climbs rock wall again, then cuts a rope and pulls down a bridge, then they both jumps off of Arnies. Mutt or Indy gets on motorcycle and cross the bridge.

What ever happend to Short round Not the actor but you know just him please tell me were you got the info?

In 1935, despite his young age, he served as a driver for Jones while the archaeologist was in Shanghai, delivering Nurhachi's ashes to Lao Che. When Jones and Willie Scott made an emergency escape from Club Obi Wan, Short Round picked them up as they dangled from an awning. Using boxes strapped to his shoes to reach the pedals, he evaded Lao Che's men and sped to the airport. A capable assistant to the adventurer, Short Round demanded that Scott call his boss Dr. Jones, and when their pilots, employed by Lao Che, abandoned the plane, Short Round calmly recognized that all the parachutes were gone while Jones attempted to fly the plane. When the three escaped the plane crash in India, they eventually reached the village of Mayapore. When Jones was given the task of recovering the town's sacred stone from Pankot Palace, Short Round and Scott accompanied him through the trek on elephant through the jungle. Short Round named his elephant "Big Short Round", believing him to be the reincarnation of his dead brother Chu.[2] One night on the trail, Short Round beat Jones at poker, though they both accused each other of cheating. At Pankot Palace, the trio were welcomed in and made guests. That night, when Indy was attacked by a Thuggee warrior in his room, Shorty tossed Indy his whip, which reversed the ambush. Short Round accompanied Indy into a set of secret chambers found in Willie's room, but accidentally triggered some of the lethal traps. Despite her fear of the insects crawling in the chambers, Willie managed to stop the traps and save their lives. As they explored further, they witnessed a Thuggee ceremony presided by Mola Ram. After Indy went to retrieve the Sankara stones, Willie and Shorty were captured by Thuggee cultists and separated. While imprisoned briefly with Indy, Shorty learned about how the prisoners were turned into Thuggee followers through a ritual of blood drinking. Short Round attempted to stop the forced conversion of his friend by attacking Zalim Singh, but failed to prevent Indy from being forced to drink the dark blood. Shorty was shackled and forced to work in the mines below the palace, alongside the other child slaves taken from the area's villages. When the guards were absent, Shorty broke his chains and attempted to escape. Eventually he was re-captured, and was brought to witness another of Mola Ram's gruesome ceremonies, where a converted Indy was to put Willie to death. Breaking free, he tried to snap Jones out of it, and was struck by his friend. Hitting Indy with a torch managed to clear the effects of Kali Ma from Jones' mind, and the two fought the temple staff for freedom, subduing Chattar Lal and saving Willie. When Jones decided to help all the children escape, Shorty helped him fight the guards and unshackle the slaves. As Indy fought the toughest Thuggee guard, Zalim Singh used a voodoo doll to inflict pain on Indy. Short Round saw Singh and climbed up to Singh's vantage point and wrestled for control of the doll. Eventually Shorty won, and saved Indy from being killed in the rock crusher. Singh slashed at Shorty and Shorty struck back with a torch, which freed Singh's mind from the Thuggee spell. Singh thanked his fellow child and informed him of the best escape route. Taking off in a mine car, Shorty controlled the brake while Indy dealt with their pursuers. With the mines flooding, they managed to escape to freedom after a confrontation with Mola Ram and the remaining Thuggee, in which Mola was devoured by crocodiles and the Thuggee were shot or captured by the Eleventh Poona Rifles. With the escaped children, the trio returned to Mayapore as heroes.

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