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silver medal

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Q: What did Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson achieve at the 2004 olympics?
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When did Jocky Robertson die?

Jocky Robertson died in 2004.

How many medals has Nathan robertson won?

Nathan has won one Olympic medal, a silver in mixed doubles badminton (with partner Gail Emms) at the 2004 Games in Athens. Nathan has won gold medals in mixed doubles at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games, also with partner Gail Emms.

When did Lucille Dixon Robertson die?

Lucille Dixon Robertson died in 2004.

What are the release dates for Expeditions to the Edge - 2004 Robertson Family Adrift?

Expeditions to the Edge - 2004 Robertson Family Adrift was released on: USA: 21 December 2004

When did Nathan Heard die?

Nathan Heard died in 2004.

Was 2004 a Winter Olympics or a summer Olympics?

it was Atenas 2004 and summer.

When did Nathan Gale die?

Nathan Gale died on 2004-12-08.

Where was the summer Olympics of 2004 held?

In 2004, the Summer Olympics were held in Athens, Greece.

How many medals did india win in the 2004 Beijing olympics?

There were no Olympics in Beijing in 2004

What were the dates of the 2004 olympics?

The 2004 Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, between August 13 and August 29, 2004.

How many sports were play in 2004 Olympics?

There were 33 sports played during 2004 olympics.

How many medals did Rebecca Adlington win at the Olympics in 2004?

Adlington did not compete at the 2004 Olympics.