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Q: What did Bush do in highschool?
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Where did George Washington go to highschool?

he went to washington highschool

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Highschool of the Dead was created on 2011-04-27.

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NO a GED is under a highschool diploma you only get a GED if you did not graduate from highschool and if you have not earned a highschool diploma there are other reasons and the only way to take a GED class or test is if you do not have a highschool diploma

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A highschool with very kind and loving students. Popular for the rich to attend here

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Where does Justin bieber go to highschool?

wow. he doenst go to highschool. hes sorta home schooled.

When is highschool after?

Middle School.

Is highschool a noun?


Is Selena Gomez in highschool?


What was the name of the high school Bella went to in twilight?

forks highschool forks highschool

Where did rapper mike Jones go to high school?

jersey village highschool. jersey village highschool.

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