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Q: What did Barry Allen make Oliver queens mask out of on Arrow?
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Is Barry Allen the Green Lantern's secret identity name?

No that's the Flash's Name.

When was Flash - Barry Allen - created?

Flash - Barry Allen - was created in 1956.

What is the birth name of Barrie Oliver?

Barrie Oliver's birth name is Barry Oliver.

What has the author Barry Allen written?

Barry Allen has written: 'Truth in philosophy' -- subject(s): Truth

What is the DC flashes real name?

he has had many names but his name at the moment is Barry Allen

What nicknames does Barret Oliver go by?

Barret Oliver goes by Barry.

Is zoom Barry Allen?


Who is Barry Allen?

the flash

Who killed Mrs Allen in the Flashpoint storyline about Barry Allen?

Eabard thawn did after barry done fudged up

What is the birth name of Barry Sadler?

Barry Sadler's birth name is Barry Allen Sadler.

What is the birth name of Barry Darsow?

Barry Darsow's birth name is Barry Allen Darsow.

What is Flashes secret ID?

1st- Jay Garrick 2nd- Barry Allen 3rd- Wally West 4th- Bart Allen 5th- Return of Barry Allen