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Q: What did Avery and his colleagues discover?
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Oswald Avery and his colleagues showed that the transforming agent in Griffith's experiments was?

DNA. Oswald Avery and his colleagues demonstrated that the transforming agent responsible for the bacterial transformation in Griffith's experiments was DNA, not protein as previously thought. Their work laid the foundation for understanding the role of DNA in heredity.

Did Avery and his colleagues think that the molecule required a transformation might also be a molecule of the gene?

Yes, Avery and his colleagues believed that the molecule responsible for the transfer of genetic information in their experiments with pneumonia-causing bacteria (the transforming principle) could be the molecule of the gene. They identified DNA as the molecule responsible for genetic transformation.

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What did Avery's experiments add to the knowledge gained from Griffith's experiments?

Avery's experiments showed that DNA was the genetic material responsible for transformation in bacteria. This confirmed Griffith's findings that genetic information could be transferred between cells, but identified DNA specifically as the molecule involved in this process.

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Avery and his colleagues thought that the molecule required in transformation might also be the molecule of the gene?

This statement refers to Avery's experiment in 1944, where he discovered that DNA is the molecule responsible for carrying genetic information in bacteria. This finding was a crucial step in establishing DNA as the genetic material, leading to further research in molecular biology.

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Briefly describe how Avery and his group determined which molecules was most important for transformation?

Avery and his colleagues made an extract, or juice, from the heat-killed bacteria. They then carefully treated the extract with enzymes that destroyed proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and other molecules, including the RNA. Transformation still occurred. Obviously, since these molecules had been destroyed, they were not responsible for the transformation. Your welcome:)

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