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Amir and Farid were at a soccer game at the ghazi stadium, and the halftime show consisted of the stoning of two adulterers.

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Q: What did Amir and Farid watch at Ghazi Stadium?
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Amir Hedayah's birth name is Amir Samy Farid Hedayah.

Who is farid in the book The Kite Runner?

Farid is a man who drove Amir to Kabul and around Afganistan to search for Hassan's son. When they first meet Farid doesnt like Amir because he thinks Amir is only there to sell his father's property and leave for America

Why is Farid treating Amir diffrently now?

because he looked at AMir through a differently prospective and figured out that amir didnt come to aghanistan to sell baba's house, he came to get sohrab

Who was ghazi abdullah Khan achakzai?

Ghazi Abdullah Khan Achakzai, one of the first leader of the Afghan War of Independence of 1839, the first Afghan-Anglo War. Ghazi Abdullah Khan Achackzai was the national pride who regrouped the Afghan army and ordered jihad against the British army after the surrender of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan.

What did amir hide under hassans bed?

a watch

What actors and actresses appeared in Amir el antikam - 1951?

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When in the novel The Kite Runner what does it mean when Farid says For you a thousand times over to Amir on page 319?

if he could do it again he would not do anything differently

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How was amir responsible for the flight of ali and hassan?

Amir put his watch and some money in Hassan's mattress. Hassan found these items and told Ali about how he got raped while Amir hid and watched, so they left Kabul.

What nicknames does Amir Badri go by?

Amir Badri goes by Amir.

How is hassan from Kite Runner brave?

-He stands up to Assef and his gang when they threaten to attack him and Amir. Even when Assef insults him being a Hazara he raises his slingshot in defense. -He doesn't give Assef the kite he ran down for Amir after they win the tournament. -He takes the blame for stealing Amir's watch, when Amir made that up, just to protect Amir. -When the Taliban order him out of Baba's house he protests and his shot and killed.

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Amir is selfish and Hassan is humble and loyal to Amir. Hassan is a Hazara, Amir is a pashtun. Amir is granted to right to get an education, Hassan is not.

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