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Ali 211 and a half

Folley 202 and a half.

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Q: What did Ali weigh in at against Zora Foley?
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What are the release dates for Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967 Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley - 1.5?

Ali's Greatest Fights - 1967 Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley - 1.5 was released on: USA: March 1967

What year did Muhammad ali fight zora folley?

march 22 1967

How much does Muhammad Ali weigh?

for his pro debut in 1960, he weighed 192 pounds. against liston in '64 he weighed 210 against frazier in '71 he was 210 against foreman in '74, he was 216 against ernie shavers he was 225 against Larry Holmes, he drained himself making 217, and in his last fight against berbick, he was 236.

How much does ali landry weigh?


How much does Ali Solis weigh?

MLB player Ali Solis weighs 175 pounds.

What did Muhammad Ali and frazier weigh in?

first fight: ali 215, frazier 205 and a half second fight: ali 212, frazier 209 third fight: ali 224.5, frazier 215.5

Who did Muhammad Ali beat in 1960?

Ali had two fights in 1967.The first one was against Ernie Terrel on Feb 2nd, 1967 at Astrodome, Houston, Texas . Ali won a 15 round unanimous decision.Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie TerrelReferee: Harry Kessler 148-137Judge: Jimmy Webb 148-133Judge: Ernie Taylor 148-137The secong title defence was against Zora Foley on March 22nd, 1967 at Madison Square Garden, New York . Ali won by by KO at 1:48 in round 7 of 15.

When was Muhammad Ali last first?

Ali's last fight was against Trevor Berbick in 1981, Nassau, Bahamas.

What does Mona have against the Pretty Little Liars?

She saw Ali blind Jenna and then force Toby to take the blame. Oh yeah, and Ali kills Ali.

The last knockout victory for Muhammad ali?

Ali's last true knockout came against George Foreman in 74

What did Muhammad Ali do to go against the Vietnam war?

To go against the Vietname War, Muhammad Ali and applied for Conscientious Objector exemption status from the draft, claiming status as a religious minister.

When was Muhammad Ali's last fight?

1981 against trevor berbick