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I think it is random, but I think if you pay a certain amount of money (on top of the absurd amount you would be paying already to have your comercial in the Super Bowl), you can choose where you want it to be.

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Q: What determines the lineup order of super bowl commercials?
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What was the order of 2010 super bowl commercials?

You can go to to find all the Super Bowl commercials in order

Who is the girl in the Carnival Kia commercial in Nashville?

The girl in the Carnival Kia commercial in Nashville is named Dessie. The commercial was part of the Super Bowl XLVI lineup of commercials.

How can you watch the Super Bowl on Dish network if CBS is not in their lineup?

How. Can I watch the super. Bowl if I have dish

Are Super Bowl commercials funny?

Sometimes the commercials are funny. Basically there are some people who watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and to see how funny they are. It's all a matter of opinion.

Is there going to be 3D Super Bowl commercials?


Does the super bowl continue during the commercials?

There will only be commercials if it is a timeout, halftime or something like that.

How much did Super Bowl commercials cost for Super Bowl 1?


Which network carries the most Mac commercials?

Mac commercials are produced by Apple Company. They show commercials on all networks in order to get attention. The one network that shows the most commercials happens one time a year and that is the network that shows the Super Bowl. Usually, it's the CBS network.

Who is responsible for financing the Super Bowl?

commercials, ads...

How many super bowl commercials will there be?

There will be about 14 total

Who has more viewers the world cup or super bowl?

the super bowl, mostly for the commercials

What are the release dates for Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials - 2001 - TV?

Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials - 2001 - TV was released on: USA: 27 January 2001

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