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sport and health science degree or athletic training and therapy would be a great help to have under your belt when studying sports medicine

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Q: What degress do you need to go into sports medicine?
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How long do sports medicine doctors have to go to college for?

2 years after highschool

Where can I go to earn ACSM certification?

You need to go to American College of Sports Medicine. There you can take the exam. You can also sign up for it on their website:

How do you get medicine in Pokemon Soul Silver?

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Does a sports medicine major have to go to medical school?

Yes they do because otherwise they couldn't get a degree.

What schools do you go to for sports medicine doctors down Atlanta?

Mercer University in Macon, GA is a great sports medicine school. It is a growing school so lots of scholarships are being awarded and given out.

Why do you need to go a veterinary medicine school?

You would need to attend a school of veterinary medicine if you wanted to become a veterinarian.

How does an elite athlete know what is banned?

Simply go to a doctor, preferably one that specializes in sports medicine.

What to do to get a sports medicine degree?

You have to go to collage for four years then take a state test and then a national test.

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What schools do internal medicine doctors need to go to?

Medical school.

How did you get started in this sport?

to get started in sports medicine you must go to college for at least4 to 8 years and earn your doctorate degree here are some websiters that show you the list of the best colleges for thisEducation portal-list of schools that offer sports and list of best colleges for sports medicine.

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