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Taylormade pitching wedges are usually 48 degrees, however it can vary across different model ranges.

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Q: What degree of loft is a Taylor made pitching wedge?
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What is degree loft of titleist ap1 pitching wedge?

what is the loft of a standard pitching wedge

What is the loft Taylor made r7 sand wedge?

56 degree loft

What is the loft of a Taylor made r7draw pitching wedge?

Most pitching wedges are around 48 degrees loft

What degree loft is a Dunlop Attack pitching wedge?


What is the loft of a Wilson 1200 ge pitching wedge?

most wilson Pitching wedges have about a 56 degree loft with a medium or 10 degree bounce loft

What is the loft of pitching wedge?

A pitching wedge has between 46 and 48 degrees of loft.

What is the loft on a Taylor made r9 pitching wedge?

46 degrees. Also the A wedge is 51 and the sand wedge is 55.

What is the loft for an L-wedge golf club?

I carry a Lob wedge in my bag and it is a 60 degree loft club. It is one of 4 wedges that I carry. The others are a Pitching wedge which is 45 degree, a Gap wedge which is 51 degree, and a Sand wedge which is 56 degree.

Pitching wedge sand wedge difference?

The main difference is loft a pitching wedge has about 46-48 degrees of loft and a sandwedge has about 54-56 degrees of loft. The pitching wedge therefore can be hit farther.

What is a pitching wedge?

A pitching wedge is a golf clubs with about 46-48 degrees loft.

What degree is the loft for a p golf club?

It's a pitching wedge so 46-48 degrees.

When is the Taylor made approach wedge used?

An approach wedge is basically a gap wedge (50 or 52 degrees of loft depending on model) This wedge is used when you are at a yardage which is between your pitching and sand wedge. You can also use this club for pitching, chipping and bunker play.

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