What degree loft is a 9 iron?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Usually the loft for a 9 iron is right around 41 or 42 degrees. Some professionals have their irons tweaked to match their specific yardages. I play on the mini-tours and my 9 iron is right at 41.5*

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23 or 24 degrees, depending on manufacturer.

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Around 23-25 degrees.

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Q: What degree loft is a 9 iron?
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What club has a 28 degree of loft?

9 wood or 5 iron

What has more loft 3 iron 5 iron or 9 iron?

9 Iron has the most loft and least distance. 3 iron has the least loft and most distance.

What degree loft is a number 1 iron?

A number 1 iron typically has a loft of around 16-18 degrees.

What is loft on new Taylor made burner irons?

Loft may range from 19 degree to 60 degree depending on the specs of the iron.

Loft of 9 iron?

generally 41 or 42 degrees

The loft of taylormade 2009 burner irons?

I found this information for the Taylor Made Burner XDs. * #4 (21-degree loft; 61.5-degree lie angle; 6.7mm offset) * #5 (23-degree loft; 62-degree lie angle; 6.3mm offset) * #6 (26-degree loft; 62.5-degree lie angle; 6mm offset) * #7 (30-degree loft; 63-degree lie angle; 5.7mm offset) * #8 (34-degree loft; 63.5-degree lie angle; 5.3mm offset) * #9 (39-degree loft; 64-degree lie angle; 5mm offset) * PW (44-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 4.7mm offset) * SW (49-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 2mm offset)

What is the loft on a 5 iron?

Usually 18 or 19 degrees, depending on manufacturer.

What degree loft is a 2 iron?

Depends completetly on manufacturer, could be anything from 36-40 degrees.

What degree loft is a 9 wood?

About 23-24 degrees, depends on manufacturer.

What is the degree of loft for Ping G15 irons?

PW - lie 64°, loft 45° 9 - lie 63.75°, loft 40° 8 - lie 63°, loft 36° 7 - lie 62.25°, loft 32° 6 - lie 61.5°, loft 29° 5 - lie 60.75°, loft 26° 4 - lie 60°, loft 23° 3 - lie 59.25°, loft 20°

What is degree loft of titleist ap1 pitching wedge?

50 Degrees The club that has "W" on the bottom. (Titleist AP1 iron set)

What degree loft is an A iron?

If the iron has an "A" on the sole, it's an "Approach" wedge, otherwise known as the "Gap" wedge. It fills the gap between pitching wedge and sand wedge. It is usually 52 degrees of loft, plus or minus a degree. It's a great asset on the course. I carry one instead of carrying a 4 iron.