What degree loft has a pw?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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It completely depends on manufacturer but the majority of Pitching wedges have 46-48 degrees of loft.

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Q: What degree loft has a pw?
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What golf club has a 48 degree loft?

Most likely a PW but possibly a gap wedge

The loft of taylormade 2009 burner irons?

I found this information for the Taylor Made Burner XDs. * #4 (21-degree loft; 61.5-degree lie angle; 6.7mm offset) * #5 (23-degree loft; 62-degree lie angle; 6.3mm offset) * #6 (26-degree loft; 62.5-degree lie angle; 6mm offset) * #7 (30-degree loft; 63-degree lie angle; 5.7mm offset) * #8 (34-degree loft; 63.5-degree lie angle; 5.3mm offset) * #9 (39-degree loft; 64-degree lie angle; 5mm offset) * PW (44-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 4.7mm offset) * SW (49-degree loft; 64.5-degree lie angle; 2mm offset)

What is ideal loft for gap wedge if you have a 46 degree pitching wedge?

It depends what loft your sand wedge is. It is ideal to have an equal gap between all your wedges, this allows consistency for example you could have any of these. PW 46, GW 50, SW 54 AND LW 58 PW 46, GW 52, SW/LW 58 PW 46, GW 50/52 and SW 56

What is the degree of loft for Ping G15 irons?

PW - lie 64°, loft 45° 9 - lie 63.75°, loft 40° 8 - lie 63°, loft 36° 7 - lie 62.25°, loft 32° 6 - lie 61.5°, loft 29° 5 - lie 60.75°, loft 26° 4 - lie 60°, loft 23° 3 - lie 59.25°, loft 20°

What is the idea loft for a gap wedge if you have a 44 degree pitching?

44 Degrees for a PW seems a bit strong, but it would depend what degree your SW or LW is. If you had a 44 and a 60, a 52 would be perfect. If you have a 44 and a 56 a 50 would be perfect.

What is the loft of a Wilson 1200 ge pitching wedge?

most wilson Pitching wedges have about a 56 degree loft with a medium or 10 degree bounce loft

What is a E Golf club?

An E 'iron' is actually a Pitching Wedge. It stands for Equalizer, but the loft is the same as a PW.

What is loft on new Taylor made burner irons?

Loft may range from 19 degree to 60 degree depending on the specs of the iron.

What are the lofts of the Irons for a set of Affinity Golf Clubs?

Depending on manufacturer your average name brand iron set degree of loft is as follows; 3 iron 21* of loft { The higher the # the higher the ball goes 4 iron 24 *{ The lower the # the further the ball goes 5 ----27 { * represents degree } 6-----30 * 7-----33 * 8-----37 * 9-----41 * pw=pitching wedge any where from 45* to 48*

Can a driver have a 13 degree loft?

Yes, a driver can have 13º of loft, but then it basically becomes a 3 wood with a larger head.

What degree loft is a number 1 iron?

It is 45 degrees

What degree loft is a dunlop max wedge golf?