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50 Degrees The club that has "W" on the bottom.

(Titleist AP1 iron set)

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Q: What degree is the titleist AP1 wedge?
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What is degree loft of titleist ap1 pitching wedge?

what is the loft of a standard pitching wedge

What degree is the titleist pitching wedge?

45 degrees

Is the 56 degree pitching wedge a sand wedge?

A 56 degree is a sand wedge.

What is the better wedge a Titleist Vokey Taylormade TP or Cleveland CG14?

It is all down to personal preference the Titleist is by far the most popular wedge because of their design and quality but you should try all 3 and see which you prefer, my preference is Vokeys.

What is the loft for an L-wedge golf club?

I carry a Lob wedge in my bag and it is a 60 degree loft club. It is one of 4 wedges that I carry. The others are a Pitching wedge which is 45 degree, a Gap wedge which is 51 degree, and a Sand wedge which is 56 degree.

What degree is a Nike slingshot 4d approach wedge?

nike sling shot oss A wedge is 44 degree approach wedge. nike sling shot a wedge is 50-56 degree wedge also called a approach wedge but is really a gap wedge... the oss is the only club that has a 44 degree loft. nike is the only company to make this club

Are the Titleist AP1 Irons a good buy for a 20 handicapper?

Yes, they are a good club for a higher handicapper. But what I would say is, they are not as forgiving as some other irons such as the Ping G15s and Callaway X22s. You should really go get custom fit and see how you hit them. Make sure you purchase them from an authorised Titleist retailer.

What degree is a Nike Slingshot OSS approach wedge?

Nike Slingshot OSS approach wedge: 46 degree loft, 65,5 degree lie.

What degree is a burner plus sand wedge?

55 degree

How far can you hit with a 60 degree lob wedge?

A 60 degree wedge could be hit anywhere from 70-100 yards.

A 54 degree wedge has 11 degree bounce. why?

The 54 is a sand wedge, SWs have a higher bounce to get the ball out of sand easier.

What degree is taylormade p wedge?

Taylormade standard Pitching wedge is 48 degrees.

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