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High School Diploma

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Q: What degree do you need to become a NBA player?
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What college degree do you need to become an NBA scout?

Sports management

Do you need a college degree to become an NBA coach?

no u need 2 get drafted from high shool or college

What education does a NBA player need to qualify to play?

A degree in sports and have to go to traing camp.

How much education do you need to become a perfectional basketball player?

You do not need any education. Other than basketball knowledge, there is no education required. Thus, some NBA players do not have a college degree.

How many years will you need in collage to become a NBA basketball player?

You do not have to go to college at all in order to become a NBA player. Most players are picked from college teams though.

How much education after high school will you need to become an NBA basketball player?

Many professional sports look to the colleges for players. In reality you don't need a college education to play basketball, but getting a degree is smart and it is in the college sports program that a person can become a better player.

What special training do you need in order to become a NBA player?

IT doesnt matter as long as your good

Do you need a degree or certificate to play in the NBA?


Do you need a degree to be in the NBA?

not really because you just need to be out of high school and need 2 year of collage to be in the nba

What i need to become a basketball player?

To become a basketball player in the nba you need to have great scoring range, great ball handeling skills, great defence, a good attitude, passion and love for the game

What education do an nba player need to get in?

have to be a mlb player

What age can you become a NBA player?

i think 16

Is college required to become an NBA player?

I think its a good idea, but no its not. You have to get drafted on the NBA.

Do you need a four year college degree to be a basketball player?

No. The only NBA rule involving going to college is that you must go to college for at least 1 year to be eligible for the NBA draft.

Do you need NBA 2K10 draft combine to do my player mode on NBA 2K10?

No you can do my player mode on nba 2k10 you need draft combine only if you wanna get drafted after you complete it

How do you become a NBA player?

try to play everyday and work hard so you will have tryout for the nba

What college degree you need to play NBA basketball?

You don't need a college degree to play in the NBA. Most players only go to college for a year or two before declaring for the draft.

Can you still become an NBA player with a bad eyesight?


Is there a type of degree needed to be a NBA player?

No. The only requirement for NBA play is that you be at least 19 years old. After that, there are no requirements.

When did Michael Jordan become a basketball player?

1984 he became an NBA player for Illonois.

How can you become an NBA player?

Enter the NBA draft what do you think u have to do ( you must be over 16 to enter

What kind of experience does a NBA player need?


What math does a NBA player need to know?


What job experience do you need to be in NBA player?

Be black.

How you become a massage therapist for the NFL or NBA?

Sleep with a sports agent is usually the best way.. or sleep with the football player/ NBA player