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May 29, 2011.

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โˆ™ 2011-12-06 23:24:12
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Q: What day is the champions league final on this year?
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What day is the champions league final in 2011?

The champion league final is on 28/5/2011.

When is the last game of the champions league 2012?

THe last game of the 2012 Champions league is on 27th May, 2012. The final between Bayern and Chelsea will be played that day.

What day is the champion's league?

Champions League games are played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The final used to be on a Wednesday, but it is now on a Saturday. In 2014 it is on Saturday the 24th of May.

Why was Tottenham Hotspur short players on the final day of the 2005-2006 season allowing Arsenal to slip into the final Champions League spot?

Because 12 players were on loan

Which champions league final did not finish on the day it started?

The 2005 champions league final in Istanbul between Liverpool an AC Milan started late on Wednesday 25th of May,after extra time and penalties had finished it was the very early hours of 26th of May.Vladimir Smicer effectively scord 2 goals, in 2 days, in 1 match.

How much does a team get rewarded for winning the UEFA Champions League?

the prize money value - depends on the venue the match is played for the final eg the capacity of the studium on the particular day , the gate takings on the day for the final is awarded to the winner and a percentage is awarded to the runners up.

What is the Final day of premier league 2010?

Its the 9th of May

Can premier league team play on champion league day?

yes ,Birmingham v Newcastle was on last night .tottenham played ac milan in the champions league

Who are the only club to win the league and fa cup on the same day?

Aston Villa. The 1897 FA cup final was played between Aston Villa and Everton. Aston Villa won 3-2.With results elsewhere going their way, Villa confirmed their status as League champions on this day as well.

Who won Champions League Twenty20 2009?

In 2009 Manchester united won it in penalties because they will own Chelsea any day.

When was the last day of the 2009 Major League Baseball season?

The final day of the 2009 MLB season was Sunday, October 4.

How many all Ireland medals are given out of hurling final day?

No medals are presented on the day of the final. The medals are presented at a function later in the year.

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