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April 15 of every year

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Q: What day do baseball players wear number 42?
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Do baseball players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day?

Yes, all players and coaches wear the uniform number of 42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

Why did all the baseball players wear number 42 on April 15th 2009?

it was Jackie Robinson day

What famous NBA players wear number 5?

ted day

What do baseball Players Do On Jackie Robinson Day?

On Jackie Robinson day, players in the Major Leagues all wear the #42 on their jersey to honor a true hero and baseball legend.

When do you where you sunglasses in baseball?

sunglasses are used during day games. Baseball players used to wear flips and knock them down only when a fly ball was hit into the sun. Now players just wear the sunglasses throughout the day game.

Why do baseball fans wear pink on Mother's Day?

Many baseball fans wear pink on Mother's Day to promote breast cancer awareness. Some players even use special pink baseball bats to show their support.

What day in the MLB do all players wear 42?

April 15th to celebrate Jackie Robinson Day. This is the day that he broke Major League Baseball's color barrier.

Which athletes wear jersey 42?

any execpt baseball, then only on Jackie robsion day are the allowed to wear the number 42.

What New York Yankee was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Currently, Yankees closer Mariano Rivera wears number 42. Mariano is the last day to day player to wear that number in Major League baseball, and upon his retirement or change of number, will be the last to ever wear the number 42.

Who are the most famous MLB players that currently wear the number five?

Albert Pujols is the modern day most famous the Yankee's joe dimaggio also wore this number

What do the football players hope to wear some day?

a super bowl ring

Why are all the players wearing 42 on their backs?

The reason behind all Major League Baseball players wearing the number 42 as their uniform number is because April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day so Major League Baseball unretires it for the day in order to celebrate Jackie Robinson. There were players on April 16, 2013 that wore the number 42 as their uniform number even though it was no longer Jackie Robinson Day because those teams did not play on the actual Jackie Robinson Day so they were allowed to celebrate it on April 16, 2013.

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