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Q: What date in 1968 did Manchester city win the league?
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What place are Manchester United in the premier league?

As of date,they are in 4th position with 69 points.

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored for Manchester United in the Premier League?

133 till date

What is the date for the uefa champions league final 2011?

28 may 2011 ! Barcelona vs Manchester united

What date is Manchester united playing in the premier league cup 2012?

1. This question doesn't make sense. 2. There is no such thing as 'The Premier League Cup'

Which EPL club has won most premier league trophies?

Manchester United have won the Premier League more times than any other club by a considerable margin, having achieved 12 titles to date, the most recent being in 2011. Four other clubs have won the Premier League, those clubs being Arsenal (3), Chelsea (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), and the current holders Manchester City (1). If one includes League titles won prior to the formation of the Premier League in 1992, Manchester United have 19 titles altigether, which is again, a record number of titles.

The date for the 2008 uefa cup final?

14/05/2008 - City of Manchester Stadium

When is the fa cup final 2011?

the fa cup final was on 14th may 2011 between Manchester city and stoke Manchester city won the match and the tournament.

Have Chelsea won the champions league?

No. In 2008 they made the final Moscow but lost to Manchester United on penalties. That is the best CL run Chelsea have to date (2010)

Who has scored 99 premier league goals?

Ryan Giggs (Wales) has score 99 English Premier League goals, all for Manchester United.As of October 20th 2009, for up-to-date stats visit

When was Manchester Arena opened?

The Manchester Arena opened on the date, July 15, 1995.

On what date did Manchester united win there first champions league?

26 May 1999. That magical balmy night in Barcelona, as Clyde Tyldesley never ceases to remind us...

Who scored the last football league goal in 20th century?

Darren Huckerby, playing for Manchester City, scored a penalty in the 90th minute of a Manchester City v. Charlton game, which kicked off at 15:00 UTC on December 30, 2000, the final goal in the Premier League in the 20th Century. Jarkko Wiss scored a goal in the 90th minute of a 3 - 2 loss for Portsmouth against Wolverhampton Wanderers, the latest goal in the First Division on that date. Gary Owers scored for Notts County in the 90th minute of an away game against Millwall, the latest goal in the Second Division on that date. The second, and final, goal in the only Third Division fixture on that date was scored by Torquay's Eifion Williams, in a one-all draw against Southend United.