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the date changes every season

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Q: What date does baseball season starts?
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When does NHL hockey season start?

A NHL season starts on offically starts October 6 though not all teams play on this date.

When is baseball seanson?

For 2011, the baseball season starts March 31st.

When does the average baseball season start?

For Major League Baseball, spring training usually starts the third week of February and the regular season starts around April 1.

When does kids baseball season start?

it starts October

When does The Vampire Diaries season 3 starts?

It starts in Autumn 2011, there is no confirmed date though. xx

When date does summer season end in California?

a few weeks after school starts

Which date start winter time?

The season of Winter starts on December 21.

When does New York's fishing season start?

It starts in March till November. The exact date it starts is and ends I don't know.

What date does the football season start?

The E.P.L starts on the second week of august, that is a Saturday.

What is the commencement date for Grey's Anatomy season 6?

A new season of "Grey's Anatomy" always starts in mid- to late September.

What date does fall start and finish in Canada?

The Fall season starts on September 23rd in Canada. This is the same day that it starts in the US as well.

When does high school baseball season start?

at my school it starts march 2

When does baseball start again?

Spring training starts at the start of March while regular season starts at the start of April every year

When does the 2010 Major League Baseball season start?

The 2010 major league baseball season starts on April 5. OK....we can go back and forth on this about this compromise: The season actually starts on Sunday April 4th......when the Red Sox play the Yankees @ Fenway Park.

When does baseball season start and end?

it starts when you enter that field and it ends when you walk off that field

What month does baseball season start?

It depends on if you're talking about Spring Training or the regular season. Spring Training starts in late February and the regular season begins in April.

When does 9 season of American idol start?

Do not know the exact date but AMERICAN iDOL always starts in Jaunary.

What date does youth football season start?

it starts the second week of august which is a saturday august 14 2013

When do the seasons start?

The season of summer starts on June 21st. The season of fall starts on September 23rd. The season of winter starts on December 21st. The season of fall starts on March 20th.

When does college baseball season start and end?

it starts when you enter that field and it ends when you walk off that field

When does high school baseball season begin and end?

It starts around January in California high schools

When does the football season begin?

pre season starts in august and regular season starts in September

What season is it in England right now?

On this date of 20th October 2011 it is autumn but winter officially starts 1st November.

When in the fall season 11 of degrassi going to start?

For now, they haven't come out with a release date. It starts in fall 2010

When does house of Anubis season two start what is the date and what time is it?

It starts on the Saturday 7th January 2012 at 5 o'clock.