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Hi there - the Brooklyn Dodgers seem to have been founded in 1883.

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That was 1883 when the team known as the Brooklyn Atlantics was formed.

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Q: What date did the Brooklyn dodgers become the Los Angeles Dodgers?
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When did the Los Angeles Dodgers become a baseball team?

They became a team in 1883.

Why did the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers become the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers respectively?

In the mid-1950s, Brooklyn owner Walter O'Malley was frustrated by his inability to persuade New York City officials to back a new stadium for the Dodgers. When the City of Los Angeles offered the team a lucrative deal, O'Malley persuaded New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham to move his club to San Francisco to keep alive their longtime rivalry. Both teams moved to the West Coast in time for the 1958 season.

When did the Brooklyn Dodgers become know as the Brooklyn Dodgers?

Newspapers dating back to 1912 and possibly farther, have numerous sports articles where the sports writers of the time would refer to the Brooklyn National League Baseball Club as the "DODGERS". The name actually became OFFICIAL during a meeting at Ebbets Field where the PRESS had been gathered to VOTE on an official team name. There were a few names that were discussed, but the name DODGERS was clearly the choice. The name DODGERS first appeared on the jersey in 1932 in BLOCK FONT style. In 1938, the DODGERS SCRPIT style font replaced the block style. With a few variations here and there over the years, the scrpt style has remained the same for 80 plus years.

How did the Los Angeles Dodgers become famous?

They won 5 World Series there, and they were the first MLB team to move to CA

How did sports become known as breaking the racial barrier?

I'm thinking that it was known as breaking the racial barrier when Jackie Robinson first played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who is better - the San Francisco Giants or the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The San Francisco Giants won World Series titles in 2010, 2012 and 2014, but the Los Angeles Dodgers have become one of the most competitive and talented teams in baseball since an ownership change in 2012. The Dodgers have won the National League West title for three consecutive years (2013 to 2015), but they have not appeared in the World Series since 1988.

Why did the dodgers move to California?

Ebbetts Field and the Polo Grounds were aging ballparks. The combination of the neighborhood going bad, no parking, an old ballpark and the promise of more money and fans in California caused both the Giants and Dodgers to move at the same time to the west coast.

Who was the mlb player who went on to become the star of a popular TV western series?

Chuck Conners who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chicago Cubs became an actor and starred in the TV series "The Rifleman".

Who played in the World Series of 1955?

The Brooklyn Dodgers, winner of the National League, defeated the New York Yankees, American League Champions, four games to three to become World Champions in 1955.

When did Russell Martin become a free agent for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

Russell Martin became a free agent following the 2010 season. On December 16, 2010 he signed a one year contract with the Yankees.

Are dodgers better than angles?

They both suck this year. Become a Rays fan so you have something to cheer about

How long has Jackie Robinson played baseball?

His first major-league game was on April 15, 1947 as the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field. Robinson went 0-for-4 but scored the go-ahead run in Brooklyn's 5-3 victory. April 15 has become "Jackie Robinson Day" in Major League Baseball and every player wears Robinson's No. 42 during their games.