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Opening ceremonies for the 1972 Summer Olympics were held on August 26.

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Q: What date did the 1972 Summer Olympics start?
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What date did the 1972 summer olympics end?

September 10, 1972.

On what date were the first Olympics held?

April 6, 1896 1896 Summer Olympics, Start date

What date is the summer Olympics?

The 2012 London Summer Olympics take place from 27 July to 12 August.

Are the summer Olympics held on same date?


When is the date of the Olympics and what date did they finish?

the olympics start in july the 27th and ends in august

How many Summer Olympics have been hosted till date including the Beijing Olympics 2008?

The 2008 Beijing Olympics was the 29th Summer Olympic Games.

What date is the olipics on?

The winter Olympics are in 2010 The summer Olympics are in 2012

What date does the 2012 Para Olympics start?

The Para Olympics start 29th Aug 2012

What was the date of the Olympics in 1948?

1949 27th of july summer

What date will the 2012 summer Olympics be held?

27th of July

What date of the year is the summer Olympics in London held?


What is the date of the Olympics?

The date of the OLYMPICS is on Summer 27 july to 12 august 2012 and the paralymics games it will be on : 29 august - september 2012

What date is the London 2012 Olympics going to start and end on?

the date that the Olympics that are going to end in August time

Does the winter Olympics come every 4or 2 years?

The Winter Olympics is held every four years, just like the Summer Olympics. Since 1988 they have been held two years after the previous Summer Olympics date. Prior to that time, they were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics was held.

Olympics start date and finish date?

July 27 - August 12

What date does the football events for the Olympics start?


What date does the London olympics games start?


What is the date and location of the next Olympic Games?

the next Olympics are on in Vancouver 2010 but the next summer Olympics are in London 2012

What date do the London Olympics award ceremony start?

they will start on may the 3rd

Which countries will be entering the sailing events for the 2008 Summer Olympics?

Sorry, your question is out of date.

What date will the London 2012 Olympics start?

July 27

What date do the semifinals in London Olympics start?

30th february

When did the Greek Olympics start?

The traditional date is 776 BCE.

When did the first Olympics games start till date?


What date do the Britain 2012 Olympics start?

July 27