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Lewis Hamilton was born in the year: 1985 in January in Stevenage (UK)

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22nd April 1998 Lewis Hamilton is fit.

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2008 hope I helped

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Q: What date did Lewis hamilton win f1 crown?
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When did Lewis hamilton last win a race?

2011 German Grand Prix

Which Grand Prix did Lewis Hamilton win on July 6 2008?


How can you win a date with Tad Hamilton?

One can not win a date with Tad Hamilton. It was the name of a romantic comedy movie that was released in 2004. The movie starred Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace.

Was Lewis Hamilton the youngest driver to win the grand prix championships?

He was but Sebastian Vettel is now

How many times did Lewis Hamilton win the shanghai grand prix?

He has won it four times

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Did Lewis Hamilton win his first grand prix?

Lewis made his debut in the 2007 Australian GP in which he finished 3rd behind Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso.

Where did Lewis Hamilton win the world title?

Lewis hamilton became the F1 world champion at the end of the Brazilian grand prix in the year 2008. The championship fight was very close and both Massa and Lewis were close contenders for the title. During the last round of the F1 2008 event, hamilton finished fifth with the exact number of points required to win the title and won the title beating Massa by a difference of one point.

Who was the last British person to win the British Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton, I suppose. Won it just weeks ago

Does Miguel Cabrera still win the AL triple crown if he is tied with Josh Hamilton for the lead in home runs at the end of the season?


Last british driver to win silverstone grand prix?

Through the 2008 F1 season, that was Lewis Hamilton who won in 2008.