What date did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Feb. 18, 2001, on the last lap, last turn of the Daytona 500, with 2 cars that he owned the 15 with Mike Waltrip and the 8 of Dale Jr leading the race, Dale at the time was running around 3 to 5th, really kinda blocking cars from getting up to Jr and Mike, Sterling Marlin came up on the inside and they touched sending Dale into a spin, Ken Shrader driving the 36 M & M car got into Dale also putting the car in a more of a head on toward the wall. As Mike crossed the line in first and Dale Jr 2nd, cars were spinning behind them.

Dale died on impact with the wall. The # 3 and the # 36 came to rest on the inside of the track, Shrader popped out of his car to go check on his buddy Dale and you could tell that something was wrong, when they interviewed Kenny, you could tell something was wrong. The ambulance carried Dale out of the track with the lights not going on top. You knew something was wrong. Later that evening, Mike Helton told the Nascar world of what happened. It was shocking. While the # 3 transporter made its way from Daytona back to Charlotte, not one car passed him to the outside, every car, truck, motorcycle stayed in a line behind him, it still gives me chill bumps just thinking about it.

That day, even most fans were saddend by the accident, Earnhart fans were devistated. I felt like I lost a family member, I had been following Dales career at that point for exactly 11 years to the race, not the date.

The following week, Steve Park won one of the most memorable races in Nascar history. Jr crashed his car almost in the same manner that Dale Sr did, it was really freaky. In the 3rd race of Kevin (4th race of the season) since taking the wheel of the 3 car which is now know as the 29, Kevin beat Gordon to the line in the same manner that Dale beat Bobby L to the line the previous year. It was really freaky. On the first race back at Daytona since Dales death, Jr won the race back to the checkerd flag.

Dale Earnhardt to the day is still very missed by what is now dubbed as the Earnhardt Nation.

He will be Forever the Man, We will be Forever the Fans.

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The date of the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr. is Feburary 18, 2001

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Q: What date did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die?
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What day and month did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die?

Dale Earnhardt Sr. died on Feb 18th 2001.

Is Dale Earnhardt Sr's real name Dale or not?

Dale Sr's given name was Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Sr's son?

Yes. Dale Jr. is the late Dale Earnhardt Sr's son.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die on a Monday?

No. Dale Sr. died on Sunday, February 18, 2001.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die on a Thursday?

No. Dale Sr. died on Sunday, February 18, 2001.

What is Dale Earnhardt Sr's legal first name?

Dale Sr's legal name is Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Who were Dale Earnhardt Sr's parents?

Dale's father was a dirt racer and did not race with Jr, because he died before Jr was born. I want to know what his name was. Dale Earnhardt Sr's father was named Ralph Lee Earnhardt.

What did Dale Earnhardt Sr. die from?

The official cause of Dale Sr's death was listed as a basilar skull fracture.

Who inspired Dale Earnhardt?

His father, Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Was Dale Earnhardt Sr poor as a child?

No, Dale Earnhardt Sr. was not poor, but nor was he rich.

Is Jeffrey Earnhardt Dale Earnhardt Sr's sister's son?

He is Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s grandson. He is the middle child of Kerry Earnhardt.

What is Dale Earnhardt Jr's and Kelley Earnhardt's mother's name?

Dale Earnhardt Sr's father was Ralph Lee Earnhardt and his mother is Martha Coleman.