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Currently, infielder Kevin Russo, who is on the Yankees 40 man roster wears the #27.

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Q: What current player on the New York Yankees is number 27?
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Which current New York Yankees player wears number 17?

Lance Berkman currently wears #17 for the Yankees..

Which New York Yankees player wears number 7?

No current Yankees player wears #7. In 1969, the Yankees retired the #7 in honor of Mickey Mantle.

What current baseball player wears the number 42?

Mariano Rivera, Pitcher, New York Yankees

Who is the youngest New York Yankees player?

On the current 2012 Yankees active roster, Eduardo Nunez is the youngest player.

Who wore number 70 for the New York Yankees?

The number 70 has never been worn by a New York Yankees player.

What New York Yankees player is or was the last player ever to wear number 42?

Mariano Rivera is the current player and will be the last player on the Yankees to wear number 42. The number was retired throughout baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson. The players who were wearing that number when it was retired were allowed to keep it.

Who wears number 40 for the New York Yankees?

No Yankees player currently wears number 40.

Who wears number 21 on the New York Yankees?

Currently, no player on the Yankees wears number 21.

Who is the only current MLB player still to wear number 42 and who does he play for?

Mariano Rivera, closer for the New York Yankees.

Who wore number 31 for both the New York Yankees and the New York Mets?

No Met player that has worn the number 31 was on the Yankees.

What number was Joe Girardi as a New York Yankees player?

He was number 27.

Who is the current New York Yankees manager?

Joe Girardi is the current New York Yankees manager.

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