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Champion League Premiership FA Cup

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Q: What cups on leagues are Manchester united still in?
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How many league cups have Manchester unitedwon?

They have won three champion leagues.

Who won more cups between Manchester united and Barcelona?

manchester united

How many cups and leagues have Manchester city won?

Ot enough I say, 10

How many cup Manchester United have?

Manchester United have won 60 titles, 11 of which were FA Cups.

How many cups has Ryan Giggs won for Manchester United?

As of February, 2011 he has won 33 cups, both domestic and international, with Manchester United.

How much league cups do Manchester united have?


What football club as the most cups?

Manchester United

How has won more cups Manchester United or Liverpool?

Well, it depends what cups yo mean. Liverpool have won more European Cups (5-3). However, Manchester United have won more BPL cups (19-18).

How many cups has Manchester United won in history?


How many league cups have Manchester united won?


Who has won more cups Manchester united or Liverpool?


How has won the most premier league cups?

Manchester united