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Honestly i dont know this answer:-)

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Q: What creates the forces when a soccer ball is passed from one player to another?
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Why does basketball need forces?

Basketball needs forces so the ball is able to be thrown to the ring or another player.

When a base runner passes another runner he is out what happens to the runner he passed Is he out or continues to run to the next base?

The player who passed another on the base paths is out, the runner that was passed can continue to run to the next base.

How does a soccer player receive a ball?

A player recieves a ball when he wins it from another player or when it is passed to him. He also receives it during set pieces.

How do brass instruments make sound?

The airflow from the lungs passed through the lips of the player cause them to vibrate. This creates pressure waves which are tuned and amplified by the length of the tubing in the brass instrument.

What it called when a player creates a wobble on a violin?

A vibrato.

In basketball if a player passes to another player and that player dribbles and then scores does the player that passed him the ball still get an assist?

Usually it is the assist only counts if one dribble or none is taken however the rules change when a player passes to another player on the fast break. They will often be rewarded with an assist if they take two or more dribbles.

How do you do a one two in FIFA 10?

Pass to another player and just before they get the ball press x again with the analog stick pointing toward the player who passed the ball to you first.

Why a karate player can break a pile of tiles with a single blow of his hands?

It is a matter of force, mass and momentum. The speed and mass of the hand focussed on a small area, creates the forces necessary to break the rigid tiles.

What will create the most space between an offensive player and defencsive player?

It is A RUSH that creates the most space between an offensive player and a defensive player.

Can a pawn pass another pawn without engaging?

Yes, it's called a passed pawn when one player moves ahead instead of taking a pawn or a piece.

What is another word for team player?

What is another word for Team Player?

Can pawn pass another pawn?

A pawn may pass another pawn if there is some tactical or strategical advantage to do so - this is an option exercised at the discretion of the player(s). It only becomes a passed pawn if it has no more enemy pawns to pass by.

How does a hockey helmet protect the player from the impact of forces?

it breaks your head

How many equus in howres do you get if you invite another player?

You get 300 equus if you sponsor another player.

If first base runner is hit in foot by grounder while running to second is he out?

If the ball hits the runner before it passes a defensive player other than the pitcher, he is out. If the ball has passed another player (like the 2nd baseman) and then it hits the runner he is not out.

Where is Renato Reyes Yco basketball player?

I have read that Reyes had passed away.

What active forces are used when a hockey player hits the boards at the side of the rink at high speed?

The kinetic energy of the player.

Warren tredrea is the best footy player. no?

He was a good player but his time has now passed. He was never the best in any year

What do you call a person who studies force and motion?

One answer could be a rocket scientist, another an artillery gunner, another a snooker player, another a football player, another a physicist, another an engineer.

What is an another name for a CD player?

Compact Disc Player

What is it called when a player trips another player in basketball?

A foul.

Can you name another good player besides lebron James?

Gilbert Arenas is another good NBA player.

Are you allowed to head butt another player in the chest in soccer?

No, you are not allowed to head butt another player in the chest

When can a baseball player be ejected?

when a player is disrespecting the umpire. or purposely hurts another player.

What is another word for player?