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Q: What court was the trial of Michael Vick held?
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Who is better Tarvaris Jackson Michael Vick or Alex Smith?

Alex Smith cuz Vick held dog fights...he is cruel......

What court was the trial of Michael mcdermott held and what is the case number?


A person committed a federal crime and is awaiting trial. In which court will the trial be held?

The trial for a federal crime will be held in a federal court, which is part of the federal judiciary system.

What level of court was OJ Simpon's civil trial held at?

State Circuit Court

When can a trial be held somewhere distant from the crime?

If the rights of the accused are at risk of not being upheld in the local court systems. If you murder a prominent public figure, your case may be held in another cities court system to protect the integrity of your trial.

Who presides over an impeached trial for the president of the US?

The chief justice of the US presides of the trial if the president is impeached.

When can an appeal be made in court?

When a defendant is found guilty in the trial court, an appeal can be held in the appellate court. Appeals are often done when a defendant maintains their innocence.

Do all jail sentences involve prosecution in court?

The court has to sentence you, so yes. You can be held between arrest and arraignment without a trial.

Where is a trial held if a president is impeached?

The trial is held in the US Senate with the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court presiding and all Senators voting on guilt (a two-thirds majority vote is required for conviction).

Where are most federal trails held?

Federal Trials are usually held in a district courthouse unless it is a specific court devoted for appellate federal trial.

Who signed Michael Vick?

As far as today Micheal Vick has not signed with anyone as of yet noone really wants to comment until its official I just hope wherever he goes his past isn't held against him hes already paid for his mistake and does not need anymore judgment.Whoever gets him gets a hell of a man and player. Michael Vick is not on Madden 10. He has signed a 1 year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles with an option for a second year

Why are Euthanasia cases held in criminal court?

The taking of a human life is murder. Murder is a crime. The trial will be in a criminal court and the sentence will be appropriate to any conviction.