What county is wigan in?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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well LANCASHIRE!!!!!

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Q: What county is wigan in?
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When was Wigan County F.C. created?

Wigan County F.C. was created in 1897.

When did Wigan County F.C. end?

Wigan County F.C. ended in 1900.

Which county does wigan belongs to?

Wigan is a town and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England. Therefore, it belongs to Greater Manchester County.

What is the population for Wigan?

A count of the population of the 'town of Wigan' is not available. However, differing population figures are available which cover larger areas, 'including' Wigan. The population figure for the 'Former County Borough of Wigan' (which includes Wigan PLUS the larger area of Pemberton) is given as 81,203. The population figure for the 'Wigan Urban Area' (which includes many towns, including Skelmersdale, Upholland, Orrell, Pemberton, Ince in Makerfield etc.) is given as 166,840. The population figure for the 'Metropolitan Borough of Wigan' (which is a political area of the Metropolitan County of Greater Manchester consisting of many towns over a large area) is given as 305,000. A purely estimated figure for the 'town of Wigan' itself stands at approximately 28,000. So, we have population figures for Wigan given as 28,000, 82,203, 166,840 and 305,000 .................. hence the need for standardisation!

Where is the Wigan Warriors Rugby team located?

The Wigan Warriors Rugby team is located in Wigan, in the Manchester region of England. The Wigan Warriors Rugby team plays at the DW Stadium which is also located in Wigan.

Where was whitley hall wigan?

whitely, wigan

What is the birth name of Gareth Wigan?

Gareth Wigan's birth name is Charles Gareth C Wigan.

What place is worse wigan or skelmersdale?

wigan by far

What City Is Football Club Wigan Athletic In?


How long wouldn it take to wigan from wigan?

that makes NO sense.

When was Living Wigan created?

Living Wigan was created in 1902.

Is There A Taybarns in Bolton?

No, the nearest is in Wigan, here is the address Wigan Taybarns Warrington Road Wigan, Lancashire, WN3 6XB.