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South Africa, because of racial discrimination.

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South Africa

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Q: What country was banned from the Olympics games from 1962 to 1991?
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What country won the 1962 commonwealth games?

Jamaica hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1962.

What are the ratings and certificates for Se alkoi omenasta - 1962?

Se alkoi omenasta - 1962 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:(Banned) (cut) (1962) Finland:K-16 (cut) (1962) Finland:(Banned) (uncut) (1962)

When were Cuban cigars banned in the US?

Cuban cigars were banned February 7 , 1962 .

When was the special Olympics found?

The Special Olympics was founded in 1962 and is an internationa organization.

Who held the 1st winter Olympics?

There were no 1962 Olympics. In 1960 Rome, Italy held the Summer Games and Squaw Valley, California, USA held the Winter games. The 1964 games were hosted by Toyko, Japan for the Summer and Innsbruck, Austria for the Winter games.

Who is Petra Rohrmann?

Petra Rohrmann is an Olympic cross-country skier from East Germany. She was born July 30, 1962. She competed at the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo.

Who won pistol shooting in 1962 Olympics?

No one, because there wasn't an Olympics in 1962. In those days, summer and winter Olympics were held in the same year instead of staggered; those years in this time period were 1960 and 1964.

Which festival was banned by the British in 1942 but then restored in 1962?

Air displays

What are the ratings and certificates for Os Cafajestes - 1962?

Os Cafajestes - 1962 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:(Banned) (1963)

Did Milkha Singh win a gold medal?

Not in the Olympics. He was in fourth place in the 400m in the 1960 Rome Olympics, losing the bronze medal by fraction of a second. He did win 5 gold medals : one in the British and Commonwealth Games at Cardiff (1958), two at the Asian Games in Tokyo (1958) and two at Jakarta (1962).

Which country hosted the 1962 world cup?

The country that hosted the 1962 World Cup is Chile

What country was under Frances possession in 1834 to 1962?

from 1834 to 1962 what country was possession of france