What country speaks Amoy?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: What country speaks Amoy?
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What is the meaning of amoy tsiko?

smell chico or drunk

When was Amoy Food created?

Amoy Food was created in 1928.

When did Amoy Operation happen?

Amoy Operation happened in 1938.

What country speaks Congolese?

I don't know, which country speaks american...-_-'

What country speaks dink?

Dinkland speaks dink

Which country speaks German and French?

Switzerland is a country that speaks both German and French.

What country speaks only Russian?

There is no country that speaks "ONLY" Russian; however, the largest Russian speaking country is Russia.

Which country speaks dinika?

Dinkland speaks dink it is right next to england

Which country speaks galatian?

No country speaks Galatian. It went extinct around the year 400 CE. It was spoken in Turkey.

What country speaks bengoli?


What country speaks gaysian?


What country speaks amalie?

There is no such language.