What country makes Cadillac?

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Q: What country makes Cadillac?
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Who makes Cadillac shoes?

Cadillac / china

Who makes Cadillac?

Cadillac is made by General Motors.

What country are Cadillac made in?


What country are Cadillac cars made?


What models of trucks does Cadillac currently make?

Cadillac makes several types of trucks both in luxury vehicles and professional vehicle categories. Cadillac makes the Escalade EXT as well as several hybrid trucks.

Which country produces Cadillac car?

The Cadillac is an American automobile produced by General Motors and built in the U.S. The Cadillac Escalade is the only Cadillac not built in the U.S. It is built in Silao, Mexico.

What country makes Pontiac cars?

Pontiac was a sub-division of General Motors,which were made in USA. Pontiac and Oldsmobile are no longer produced by GM. GM now only makes Chevrolet,Cadillac,Buick,Hummer,and GMC.

What motor will the transmission in the 1983 Cadillac with a 4.1L?

This question makes no sense

Does GM make all its cars in Mexico or just the Cadillac and Hummer?

it only makes the cadillac and hummer imma 100% positive

Where can you get an official Cadillac watch?

You can purchase an official Cadillac watch online from personal sellers on the eBay auction website. The Cadillac watch makes a rare reappearance every so often.

What company makes Cadillac Escalades?

The Cadillac Escalade is made by a company called General Motors. General Motors is an American icon. GM makes other vehicles as well. The Cadillac Escalade is one of their more expensive vehicles. They also make Chevy vehicles such as the Spark.

Who makes muscle cars?

Chevy, ford, Buick, dodge, Pontiac Cadillac

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