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The game of Table Tennis has its roots in lawn tennis.

When lawn tennis became very popular in the 1870s & 1880s, game makers tried to emulate its success by developing indoor versions of the game.

So there were card games, board & dice games, rackets & balloon games and even tiddledy winks tennis games.

But the first use of the name Table Tennis occurred on a board and dice game by J.H.Singer of New York around 1884 and it's also known that a game of Table Tennis was offered in the 1887 game catalogue of George S. Parker, founder of the famed Parker Brothers in America.

But the first action game of tennis on a table was in 1890, so it was David Foster of England who is the founder/inventor of table tennis in 1890.

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2010-08-11 15:47:09
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Q: What country made up table tennis?
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What is the table tennis ball made up of?

Table Tennis balls are made out of celluloid. They were originally made out of carved champagne corks!

Do you have a picture of a table tennis racket?

You can pull up table tennis rackets at Click on the link at the top for table tennis.

What is a table tennis conversion top?

A table tennis conversion top is an item used on pool tables. By setting up the table tennis conversion top, you can convert your pool table into a table for table tennis. Answer was found here:

How do you set up the game table tennis?

get a table to play on< an average table or a proper table tennis table clip the net in place get a ball two bats and play!! it is that simple

How do you fold a table tennis table?

A table tennis table created to fold and store upright must have an undercarriage to support the center and other end as you lift one end to fold it up. Otherwise, the half are made to pull apart so the legs can be folded underneath.

Who made up the game of tennis?

The Romans made up the game tennis but they used wooden tennis rackets.

What is a table tennis racket made out of?

A table tennis racket consists of a blade and two sheets of rubber. The blade is made up of several layers of wood, although the official rules state that small amounts of other materials such as carbon fibre can also be included.

How many players can play in table tennis?

Up to four players, two on each side, can play one game of table tennis.

Who came up with the name table tennis?

dean X.

Are there any table tennis tables that fold for storage?

Another name for a tennis table, is called ping pong table. You can get a table that will fold up, although even after it is folded it is still quite large.

How is serving legally performed in table tennis?

To legally serve in table tennis, You must throw the ball six inches up in the air, and you MUSN'T contact the ball over the table.

The standard wood used in table tennis what is the standard percentage of the wood of the racket in table tennis?

The rules of table tennis state that at least 85% of the blade by thickness must be of natural wood. Most blades are 100% wood. A racket is made up of a wooden blade, which incorporates the handle, and rubbers which are affixed to each side of the blade.

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