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Soccer can be played in any country in the universe.

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Q: What country is soccer played in?
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Related questions

Where is the sport soccer played?

Soccer is played in practially every country on every contient of the world.

Is there a country in the world where soccer is not played?


Is there a place soccer is not played?

No. Football is played in every country.

Do they play soccer in Egypt?

Yes. Soccer is played in every country on the planet.

Do they play soccer in Ecuador?

Yes. Soccer is played in every country on the planet.

What is the country that started soccer?

Soccer was first played in England in the mid 1800's

What country is soccer mostly played in?

This sport is played most in Brazil and Mexico!

Why is soccer important in Mexico?

Soccer is so important in Mexico because it is the sport most played in that country.

Is soccer play in ever country?

soccer is more popular then any other sports in the world and yes it is played in every country

What sports were played in 1066?

they played soccer with a dead persons head from another country

Is soccer real?

YES it is played in basically every country

How is soccer played in France?

Soccer is played the same way in France as they have to follow F.I.F.A rules. its played like other countries play soccer. the rules of FIFA must be followed. if not, they are not a country who plays football.

If englands most played sport is football does that mean soccer or football?

Soccer is the game where you kick the ball, not throwing with the QB. The only COuntry that calls soccer (the one without the QB) is America. In everyother country in the World, they call soccer football.

What country is soccer played the most?

England, It's called "Football" there.

Which is the only country to have played in every soccer tournament?

It is not possible for one country to play in every soccer tournament, For instance Brazil or America are not eligible to play in the European championship.

Biggest country's where soccer is played?

Russia is the biggest country in terms of area? Where soccer is most popular? That's debatable, but England is pretty passionate about that stuff.

What sport is played in most countries?

Soccer. Soccer is played in almost every country. It is the easiest game to play because all you need is a ball and you basically can start a game.

What countries are soccer played in?

Soccer is played in nearly every country on the planet. Most notably, England, Italy, Germany, Holland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Scotland, and the United States have internationally-known soccer clubs.

Places were soccer is played?

Soccer is played at Connections, in a soccer field, and any other places where soccer is played.

What country played West Germany in the 1986 and 1990 Soccer World Cup Finals?

Argentina played West Germany in the 1986 and 1990 Soccer World Cup Finals.

Countries that soccer is played in?

Due to its world-wide popularity, and the number of nations which participate in the World Cup, it is reasonable to say that soccer is played in every country, both on amateur and professional levels.

Where is football played in France?

All over the country, wherever there are football/soccer fields.

What country does Rene Higuita play soccer for?

He played for Colombia... he's retired now.

Is soccer played in every country with the same rules?

no because many people do things do

What does caps mean is soccer?

"Caps" is the number of International Matches a player has played in for their country.